Busted Stuff Duo

Dave Abbatoy & Cynthia McCaffrey started off as members of the Dave Abbatoy Project (an all original full band) back in 2002.  Since the band had the same instrumentation as the Dave Matthew's Band, (a.k.a. DMB) vocals, guitar, drums, bass, saxaphone, and violin, it was only a matter of time before The Dave Abbatoy Project started performing the music of Dave Matthew's.  They called themselves Busted Stuff -(named after a DMB song).  Eventually in 2006, the two decided to team up as a duo because of a shared musical vision that differed from the other band members.  They have since gained tremendous popularity. This hard working duo performs over 200 shows a year, and have proudly solidified their place as one of Western New York’s premier duos.
      What sets this duo's performance apart from most, is not only a friendly interaction with the audience, but their unique presentation of the music. "By the end of the night, we have made friends with everyone in the room.   People always come up to us after a show and tell us how they can't believe all the sound they hear is produced by just two people"  It is Dave & Cynthia's use of [what can be described as] a plethora of foot pedals and instruments to create this big full sound.  They refer to this as “acoustatronics” (combining acoustic instruments with electronics).  A violin with a wah wah pedal you say? Various guitars (12 String, baritone, electric, & cigar box) and even special pedals that “layer” the music as they are playing it…. How about a 4 string mandolin that sounds like a bass, piano, pan flute, accordion or whatever instrument known to man?!  It takes discipline and skill to be able to create music this way, all in front of a live audience and these two execute this technique well.  In addition, Dave & Cynthia EACH play SEVERAL instruments (10 total) all of which add to their unique sound.  They have carried this “signature sound”and style through into their original compositions and are committed to writing a true, honest blend of music that is in the realm of Jam, Rock, Pop, Jazz, classical and even hip hop!.  "Our main objective is to be true to ourselves and the style of music that we enjoy performing" say Dave & Cynthia. 

     Some Influences include Dave Matthews, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Yanni, Jean Luc Ponty, & Pat Metheny.