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Dave-N-Cyn, is an acclaimed musical duo hailing from Western New York. The group is composed of Dave Abbatoy, an exceptional vocalist and guitarist, and Cynthia McCaffrey, a virtuoso violinist. Together, they have garnered widespread recognition and accolades in the music industry.

Dave and Cynthia have proudly cemented their status as one of Western New York's foremost musical duos.

National Presence: In addition to captivating audiences in Western New York, Dave-N-Cyn has cultivated a devoted national fan base through extensive touring across the United States. Their musical journey has taken them to iconic destinations such as Las Vegas, South West Florida, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, PA, New York City, Toronto, Canada, Monticello, New York, and Rochester, New York. Their relentless dedication has allowed them to perform over 250 shows annually.

Our Journey: Dave-N-Cyn’s inception traces back to Buffalo, New York, in the winter of 2000 when Dave Abbatoy decided to record his original songs. The CD release in the spring of 2001, accompanied by a live performance at The Tralf Music Hall in downtown Buffalo, marked the birth of this musical venture. Dave enlisted the talents of a drummer, bassist, and saxophonist, but the missing piece was a violinist. Cynthia McCaffrey, a classically trained violinist, joined the ensemble based on a local recommendation.

Although initially intended for a single event, the group stayed together for two years before disbanding. Dave and Cynthia, recognizing their unique chemistry, regrouped as a duo. Their fusion of Dave's acoustic guitar and Cynthia's violin produced a distinct and captivating sound that enhanced both their original compositions and covers.

Musical Exploration: Dave and Cynthia's desire to explore diverse soundscapes led them to experiment with electronic effects pedals and additional instruments. This experimentation broadened their musical versatility, allowing them to seamlessly blend genres such as Jazz, Rock, Country, Blues, Irish, and Jam. Their electronically treated instruments added an unconventional and unique dimension to their music.

Live Performance: What distinguishes this duo from others is their captivating live performances and innovative interpretations of music. They employ looping techniques to create intricate layers of instrumentation during their shows. Dave's dynamic vocal prowess and engaging audience interactions, peppered with spontaneous humor, bring a distinct personality to their performances. Cynthia's skillful and disciplined approach to the violin leaves audiences astonished with electrifying rock-like solos.

Enduring Dedication: Over their two-decade musical journey, Dave and Cynthia have played countless shows, often dedicating their talents to charitable events in the morning, gracing festival stages in the afternoon, and igniting nightclub audiences in the evening.

Awards and Achievements:

  • Two Buffalo Music Awards

  • Four Buffalo Nightlife Music & Club Awards

  • Western New York People's Choice Music Award

  • All WNY Music Award

  • Buffalo Nightlife Lifetime Achievement Award

The Future: Busted Stuff is charging ahead with unwavering enthusiasm. In addition to their busy performance calendar, they are currently perfecting their forthcoming production, "Vegas Baby" – a captivating 1960s Vegas-style floor show that promises to transport audiences to a bygone era of glamor and entertainment.

Their dedication to community engagement remains steadfast, exemplified by their ongoing efforts to distribute acoustic guitars and violins, fostering and inspiring music education within their community.

Dave Abbatoy:

  • Vocal, Guitars, Harmonica, U Base, Percussion, Piano/Keyboards, Ukulele

Cynthia McCaffrey:

  • Violins (acoustic, electric, midi), Viola, Mandolin (acoustic/electric midi), Percussion, Harmonica, Bass, Ukulele


Experience the extraordinary musical journey of Dave and Cynthia, where every note tells a story and every performance is an unforgettable experience.

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