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Busted Stuff aka Dave / Cyn is a Western New York based musical duo composed of Dave Abbatoy (vocalist/guitarist) and Cynthia McCaffrey (violinist). Dave and Cynthia have won two Buffalo Music Awards, four Buffalo Nightlife Music & Club/ Awards, a Western New York Peoples Choice Music Award, an All WNY Music Award, and a Buffalo Nightlife Lifetime Achievement Award. They have proudly solidified their place as one of Western New York's premier duos.

In addition to performing in the Western New York area, they have acquired a national fan base through numerous tours throughout the country including Las Vegas, South West Florida, North Carolina, Pittsburg PA, New York City, Toronto, Canada, Monticello New York, and Rochester New York. Their intense work ethic has paid off as it allows them the opportunity to perform over 250 shows each year.

The birth of what would eventually become Busted Stuff aka dave-n-cyn formed in Buffalo, New York, in the winter of 2000, when vocalist/guitarist Dave Abbatoy decided to record and produce a CD with some songs he had written.

The release of the CD would take place in the spring of 2001 and coincide with a live performance at The Tralf Music Hall on Franklin Street in downtown Buffalo. Instead of performing as a solo act, he opted to bring in some instrumental support to give his compositions more depth.

Abbatoy recruited a drummer, bassist, and saxophonist, but was still in search of a violinist. Based on a recommendation from a local songwriter, the talented and classically trained Cynthia McCaffrey was added to the line up. Although the formation of this ensemble was only intended to perform for this one event, they remained together for the next two years until the group disbanded. Immediately thereafter, Dave and Cynthia made plans to regroup and become a duo.

It was during their first rehearsal together that they recognized that there was an obvious chemistry. It was only a few sessions later that they realized they were on to something. There was a click.  The fusion of Dave’s acoustic guitar and Cynthia's violin produced a very distinctive and unique sound that complemented both their original compositions as well as their cover material.

Their desire to explore other soundscapes led them to experiment with various

electronic, special effects pedals and additional instruments. These resources provided a means for them to become more musically versatile.  It allowed them to delve into a cross section of genres such as Jazz, Rock, Country, Blues, Irish, and Jam. The blending of their electronically treated instruments made Dave and Cynthia’s music unconventionally unique on many levels.

What sets this duo apart from others is their live performance and unique interpretation and presentation of the music. The use of looping gives them the ability to create multiple layers of instrumentation in their live show. Dave Abbatoy’s dynamic vocal ability, musicianship and conversational ability to charm an audience with spontaneous humor during performances gives the duo it’s personality. Cynthia McCaffrey's skillful, disciplined approach to the violin leaves the audience in astonishment with her electrifying rock like solos,

From 2000 to the present. Dave and Cynthia have played countless shows. It is not uncommon for them to donate their services for a charitable event in the morning, play on a festival stage in the afternoon, and then go to a nightclub in the evening.

Although Dave and Cynthia are in their twenty-second year of their musical journey, this duo has no plans of slowing down. Along with maintaining a full performance schedule, the duo will complete the finishing touches on their home recording studio and begin working on a new CD, which they hope to release in early 2023. In addition, they will continue to give away acoustic guitars and violins to the community to promote and encourage music education.


Vocal, Guitars, Harmonica, U Base, Percussion, Piano/Keyboards, Ukulele


Violins, (acoustic, electric, midi), Viola, Mandolin (acoustic/electric midi), Percussion, Harmonica, Bass, Ukulele

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